The Ultimate Alaska Bush Plane



My plane mechanic is amazing...I took my 1956 Cessna 182 in for annual last month. Told him I needed more takeoff power and more carrying capacity. Came back to pick up the plane this week and couldn't believe my eyes. He added 11 propellers, extended the wingspan to equal the height of the Empire State Building, and increased the payload to the point I can now carry 10,000 pounds of camping gear and 35 people.

With this much extra space, everyone is welcome to come along. Follow me on Twitter, and the next time I go flying, I'll invite you along. 


He even hung a half-dozen 20mm cannons underneath the wing structure, so I could do some aerial wolf hunting. Sarah Palin may favor the practice, but I don't.  I don't think it's fair sport to hunt game from any kind of plane, let alone a flying fortress like this with enough firepower to wipe out a wolf pack in a single pass. So I told him to remove the gunnery, which he did.